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The Ethics and Efficacy of Libertarianism

As a great painting has many colors, a great democracy has many viewpoints. Libertarianism helps to make our democracy great by reminding us that individual liberties are essential to a free and well-ordered society. However, so much of the Libertarian position depends on the free market to ensure the good faith of the actors in the marketplace that if you take away the “protection” of the free market, the door is open wide for a huge number of really terrible outcomes on a social, environmental, nationalistic, and economic perspective.

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The Force – A celebratory haiku

sidewalk – folding chair only Chewbacca is warm The Force Awakens Brett Noneman

Old Bicycle

Chasing the Sun – Part 2: The Shortcut

This is part 2 of a 3 part short story. If you haven’t read it, please start with Part 1: The Bet   Part 2: The Shortcut The bet made, Gus jumped on his bike and pedaled away, not waiting for Billy to catch up. The sun was sinking faster […]

Wish Fish – A limerick

There once was a man caught a fish That would grant him his every last wish. He wished for a fire So that he could fry ‘er, And boy was that wish fish delish!

Cheese House – A limerick

“Cheese House” – a limerick by Brett Noneman

Excerpt: The Forever War

The Forever War is a tremendous book, and definitely a worthy read. That being said, most of the language in this book is fairly direct and simple, which matches the tone of the book well. The main character is a very grounded person who tends to think and talk in […]

Old Bicycle

Chasing the Sun – Part 1: The Bet

Part 1 of the short story “Chasing the Sun” by Brett Noneman