Day: December 8, 2015

Chasing the Sun – Part 1: The Bet

Chasing the Sun – Part 1: The Bet

Below is a short story I wrote a little over a month ago based on the prompt “Two people make a bet about how long it’ll take to get home” (Prompt courtesy of DemarĂ©e)

I’ve broken it into parts for ease of reading.

Part 1: The Bet

As his stone sailed in a long, slow arc out over the open air, Gus watched it fall and imagined it was a flaming arrow fired from an English longbow hurtling toward the enemy. Every boulder below was a rock troll waiting to charge up the ramp and out of the pit into battle. He pictured cauldrons of boiling pitch rolled up to the edge of the pit in a desperate bid to defend the homeland from the trollish invasion.
“C’mon Gus, are you just going to sit there all day shooting rocks into the quarry, or are you going to show us what you’re made of?” jeered Jeremy from the top of the rock pile.
Gus got up and set down his slingshot. His brother Jeremy was two and a quarter years older than him and almost a foot taller, so there was no way Gus was going to take the “mountain” from him, but if he didn’t at least try, they’d start in about his shoes again, and he didn’t want to give them even one more reason to single him out.

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